Trip to Cabo San Lucas


12/25 a day on the water

We went to the marina, and a tour guide named Carlos offered us a boat ride with a tour around Cabo San Lucas arch, then whale watching, and snorkeling at glass bottom, and then some time on a beach. Turned out to be a really good deal.

The boat tour:

Whale watching (a screenshot from a video, full video at


(I used Samsung Galaxy S8 to take the photos this time. It works really well underwater, but then the catch is that for the next 3 days, I can’t charge the phone due to moisture detected at the charging port, and I don’t have a wireless charger in Mexico.)

After this we spent some time walking around Cabo San Lucas downtown.

12/26 dolphin discovery

Got really close encounter with the dolphins there. We did riding on a dolphin (holding its flipper and let it carry you around in the water) and pushing by a dolphin (holding on a swim kickboard and let a dolphin push you on the foot and move around). They also gave us a fast boat ride on the ocean.

12/27 wild canyon park

We did the wild animal kingdom tour. The tour guide was awesome, told us a lot about the tortoises, the turtles, the iguanas, the parrots and lovebirds, and the crocodiles and alligators. Also some plants there like Jesus Christ tree.

Landscape of this park (the canyon view was from the bridge)

Later spent some time in Santa Maria beach. A very good place for swimming and snorkeling (no underwater photo this time because the waterproof Samsung phone was not chargeable any more).

Some other random ones:



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