O’ahu trip

Day 1: fly to Honolulu

Best view I’ve ever seen from a plane.

We stayed at Ohana Waikiki East. From the hotel room we can see a little piece of the ocean.

We stopped by International Market Place, a mall with trees inside:

Night view from the hotel:

Day 2 morning: Dole Plantation

They have a nice garden, a train ride (very informational), a big maze. Pineapple ice cream there is pretty good.

Day 2 afternoon: Laniakea beach (aka Turtle beach)

Yelp says you can find turtle there, I wasn’t sure. We actually did. Also spent some time snorkeling here.

Day 3 morning: Pearl Harbor

Day 3 evening: Waikiki beach

Lots of people. Some gentle waves so it’s perfect for swimming.

Day 4 morning: sunrise at Lanikai beach

Some pictures of Hawaiian mountains on the way back:

Day 4: Hanauma bay

Lots of fish.

iPhone battery won’t last long in the water since the camera preview is always on. There are some more prettier and bigger fish but the battery was already dead. Waterproof iPhone is not going to replace GoPro just yet.

View of the bay:

Day 5 early morning: sunrise at Sandy Beach

First time trying iOS 11 long exposure and it was awesome.

Day 5 morning: Manoa fall

Day 5 afternoon: Kailua beach

Very beautiful colors: white sand, green and blue water. Lots of birds.

Day 6 morning: downtown Honolulu and Iolani Palace

It was nice to learn some Hawaiian history inside the palace.

Day 6 afternoon: Diamond Head trail

Breathtaking view from the top.

There are birds with red head:

Day 7: fly back home

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